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I hope you have your moment.

Last night, I sat in my quiet house—my husband was out of town and my kids were tucked into bed—and I made two dozen reindeer out of clothespins. They're for my son's class party:


I'm tired and recovering from a terrible cold and am totally outnumbered by my children this week (see this Facebook status update for an example), and yet, the task put me at ease: Draw the noses, color the pins, superglue the googly eyes, twist the pipe cleaners. Stuff the snack bags with M&Ms, eat some M&Ms, seal the bags, clip the reindeer to the bags.

As I studied my army of reindeer, I felt it. In a single moment. 


Christmas. I felt Christmas... the way I want Christmas to feel, the way I always imagine and expect it will feel. It came it a flash and didn't stay long. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be?

Today the bags will be ripped open and those googly eyes will eventually fall off, but I think those reindeer held some magic in that moment by the tree. 

To my friends and readers who celebrate: Merry Christmas. I hope you have your moment. 

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Before we begin anew, here's what I want to say:

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