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What's your perfect day?


The last time someone asked me, "What's your perfect day?" I quit my job and changed careers.  

But this time, when Kate Hopper asked the question, I was not teetering on the edge of a life crisis. So I won't end this week of questions with any big announcements. Instead, I'll describe the scene:

I wake up before dawn. I grab a steaming cup of hazelnut coffee brewed by the Keurig machine.  Milk (I downgraded from half and half) and two Splenda. 

I walk to the couch and wrap the blanket around my shoulders. I sink into the cushions. Kids wake up, turn on the cartoons and join me on the couch. They don't fight, and we cuddle and snuggle.  

The sun rises, two cups of coffee down, and my husband and the kids go somewhere. I don't know where. Just somewhere they are happy and occupied for a few hours.  

The house is quiet. I'm still in my pajamas. I eat a scrambled egg topped with mozzarella on a rice cake (I'm obsessed with this breakfast lately), work on my book for a couple of hours and write a blog post.  

I get up, throw on workout clothes and head to the gym. I exercise, shower and come out clean and fresh and dazzling. Because having the time to shower and dry my hair makes me feel dazzling.  

I meet the family for lunch. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. The kids behave. This calls for a cold beer. Yes, waitress, I'd love one.  

We come home and take a nap. Everyone naps. Because everyone knows that kids napping at the same time is perfection. We wake up and go outside. My husband and I sit in rocking chairs on the porch, and Cate is confined by the baby gate. The boys play with friends. We watch. We talk.  

It's late afternoon now, and we start thinking about dinner. Steaks on the grill and a salad. Pop a frozen pizza in the oven for the kids. Because trying to feed them steak and a salad would mess up the perfect vibe I have going on.  

After dinner, Shawn bathes the kids and I clean the kitchen (because even on a perfect day, it isn't going to clean itself). Shawn makes popcorn and I put baby girl to bed. The boys and I reunite on the couch for movie night. 

More cuddles and snuggles and laughter. And I actually stay awake through the whole thing instead of falling asleep in the middle.  

We go to bed at a decent hour. And do the whole thing again. And again. And again.  

There's a simplicity at the core of my dreams and big ideas and plans.  And miraculous divine intervention where my kids turn into low maintenance angels. But mostly, it's simple. 

I'll end this week of questions with a song that my middle child and I love to sing. It's from "The Princess and the Frog", and we listen to it on H's mix. (Best birthday party swag ever): 

You gotta dig a little deeper. Find out who you are.  You gotta dig a little deeper. It really ain't that far. When you find out who you are, you find out what you need. Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed. 

Click here to listen. And if you do, throw your hands up with us and say, We don't care! 

What's your perfect day? 


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