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Some weeks are like that


I was on a mission. No toy was safe.

Do you play with it? Okay, then put it in the appropriate bin. Legos go here. Power Rangers go there. 

Do you really need the entire cast of Alvin and the Chipmunks? Okay, put it in the box with the other Happy Meal toys.

This is definitely going in the trash. Yes, we can sort through the trash bag later to make sure we don't throw away anything special.

No, you cannot take back the toys we are donating. You have plenty of toys. 

In the midst of the Summertime Toy Overhaul, it occurred to me that I was procrastinating. Then I decided that procrastination is an art form, and my creative process is dependent upon my need for space. Space in my brain, and definitely space in my house. I can't write when I can't think. 

So, I cleaned.

And then I tried to do a video blog, but I couldn't process my thoughts. Apparently, when I can't think, I can't talk either. So that was a bust. But later when I looked back at the clip, I found a part worth saving. (If you're reading in your email, click over to watch the video). 


When you do it, not the way you've done it before

Potty mouth