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And because it's funny

I was thinking about the best way to announce that summer has commenced in our house. This morning, Cate woke up at 5:30. So, I got her out of the crib and we snuggled in Dillon's bed (because Dillon had fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie last night). Then Blake woke up, found us in Dillon's bed and crawled in too. 

Then Dillon woke up and found us upstairs, and he got in. By this time, no one was sleeping. Because school's out for summer, and that means children clap and shout and jump on the bed before dawn.  

And there's this whole tropical storm that's coming. Rain is slapping the windows and that means nobody's playing outside today. But I have my coffee, the kids are happy, and I am happy (because I have coffee) . 

So anyway, the announcement. You know how on Facebook when a friend comments on a photo that's two years old and you comment back, and that puts the photo back in the news feed even though it's two years old? Well, that happened last night. This was the photo: 


It may be my favorite photo of all time. It says so many things. There are so many metaphors and messages about life here. But I'm sharing it mostly, because it's funny. 

Happy Friday. Happy Summer. Happy cup of coffee to you.  


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