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What makes you so special?


When my husband gave me permission to use this photo of him, he wanted to clarify that this post is not about what makes him so special. (But it's a pretty great shot.) Instead, I'm asking what makes you so special? The collective you. You, me, all of us.  

The question can mean different things, depending on how you read it.  

What makes you so special? (Who do you think you are? )


What makes you so special? (What's your thing? What's your gift?)

My guess is that many of us default to the first translation, who do you think you are?, which is the close cousin to don't get too big for your britches.  

I've been having separate conversations with four different friends, on and off, for a while now. The conversations have been related to careers and focusing and clarifying and showcasing and things that makes us crazy. Things that simultaneously excite us and ignite every insecurity and feeling of inadequacy. 

Except that I have this thing. I have this ability to listen to what the person is saying, identify what makes that person special, and help them connect the dots. I'm able to offer insight. Directions to consider. Clarity. And?  

I love doing it. 

There was a point this weekend when I was unclogging TWO toilets in my house. I was using an auger, and until a couple of days ago when I Googled "how to unclog a toilet" I had no idea what a auger was. But there I was, fishing out a popsicle stick and other disgusting things, and I asked myself, "Who am I to encourage and inspire others to recognize the gifts within themselves and to share those gifts with the world?" 

Don't get too big for your britches. Yes, I hear it too. That voice that tells me I'm not good enough. I have nothing to share. My unique perspective is so unoriginal.  

Here's what I propose: let's not bust out of our pants. But let's not shrink down so much they fall down around our ankles. That's a comical visual. Let's keep our sense of humor. Most definitely. Let's not lose the ability to laugh at ourselves and our imperfections. So, why don't we start by simply wearing the pants?  Try them on. One leg at a time, and wear them.  

What's makes you so special? Maybe you have a hunch?

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