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Let the music play


I saw Dillon's art teacher at the gym. She told me she works out before dawn during the school year, which explains why we had never run into each other before. Then she went on to tell me about how Dillon loves a CD she plays in class--music by a Charleston artist named Seth G. "He plays the violin to pop songs," she explained. "You should see Dillon in class, dancing around. He really likes it. I'll give you a copy." The next time I saw her, she did. Now, each time the kids and I get in the car, we listen to Seth G. The music sounds magical to me; it has shown me a side of my son I didn't know. "Dillon, this CD is so good," I say. And he replies, "I know, right?" Watching my oldest son grow up, and grow into himself, is bittersweet. But mostly, it's a gift. 

Friends, watch this. Start your weekend with some Seth G. and scenes from Charleston. 

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