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This week...


Today my husband and I are in Asheville, North Carolina. We're having a relaxing two day getaway celebrating a friend's 40th birthday. Ten years ago, on this same friend's 30th birthday, everyone went skydiving.  

Well, everyone but me. I stood safely on the ground and watched. I have no regrets about that. I don't jump out of planes. 

But later this week, I will board a plane and fly to Minneapolis for Kate Hopper's book launch. Her memoir, Ready for Air, is ten years in the making. 

This week, I'll say goodbye to 38And I'm thinking about decades and everything that happens during all of that flying time.  Ten years ago, when I stood below and watched my friends jump out of planes, I knew I wasn't as happy as I wanted to be. Not long after that, I leaped into an unknown future. I'm better for it.  

Where were you, ten years ago? 

Thoughts on 39.

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