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It. is. on.

In a January 3rd email to a friend, I wrote, "I'm convinced the New Year doesn't really start until next week, and that will be a warm-up week. So the 2nd week of January... it. is. on. :)"

I was sort of kidding about that, until I looked up and here we are. The beginning of 2014 certainly lacked the feeling of consistency and easy, breezy flow I'm always dreaming about. New Year's Day was on a Wednesday, school started back the following Monday. Tuesday, we were on a two-hour delay because of the weather. That morning, we lost power for about 45 minutes and the kids made a "survival fort":

  Inside the "survival fort". Cate is eating veggie straws and Blake is snacking on the blanket. Desperate times, people. 

Inside the "survival fort". Cate is eating veggie straws and Blake is snacking on the blanket. Desperate times, people. 

Then on Friday it was 70 degrees. Saturday it was windy and rainy, and Sunday it was sunny again. I got a lot of work done, but the whole week felt messy and disjointed. 

And so, I'm entering this week with the desire to stay grounded, in the midst of all that's inconsistent and uncertain.

Here, on the blog, I want to encourage you to do great things and be great things, and mix it up with healthy doses of self-love and compassion. In other words, go be awesome! Except on those days you don't feel like it, then you have my permission to take a break. 

To my dear readers, I say: Let's amplify our greatness and accept our weaknesses. Let's stop resisting what we can't change and have courage to change what we can. 

To 2014, I say: It. is. on. (Never mind that I'm two weeks late. The time is always now). 

Where are you, today? 


New for 2014: I've added a year in pictures page to the blog. It was inspired by the Awakening series I did last summer, and a dear friend who has stepped outside of her comfort zone and started a photoblog (more on that later). I wanted to bring the "on-the go" type of storytelling I do on Facebook and Instagram to my blog, too. The first three entries stand as my own personal resolutions: Love more. Let the light in. Laugh a lot. 

(If you speak blog, the year in pictures page has its own RSS feed, so you can get automatic updates in your feed reader. Just enter the url: If you don't speak blog, just ignore this last part). 


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