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I am here to remind you.. you are beautiful

Friends, I have a treat for you. 

Recently I was driving down the road, headed towards home after picking up the two little ones from preschool. We were listening to Kids Place Live on satellite radio and a song came on. I'd never heard it before. It got my attention immediately. 

Remember who you are

Remember who you were before

"Mommy, turn it to Kids Box radio," Blake commanded. It's actually Kidz Bop radio, but I never correct him. 

"Shhhhhh," I said. "I'm listening to this song. Listen."

You were born with endless love inside you

The whole world was calling your name

At this point, I was completely drawn in. I was having one of those spiritual, summer camp, singing by the campfire experiences, where voices rise up and you know God is real, and love is real, and hope is real. This song embodied the essence of everything I believe to be true. I didn't cry, or get emotional. Instead, everything drained out of me... every thought, every stress, every item on the to-do list buzzing in my head.

The only words I could hear were the ones filling my car.

I am here to remind you

you are beautiful

The song felt like it wasn't just for kids. It felt like it was for me. And for you, too. When it ended, I felt the urge to rewind it. I wasn't ready for it to be over. I wanted to hear it again. 

When I got home I grabbed my laptop and searched "You are Beautiful Kids Place Live". It led me to the One Voice Community, a non-profit organization committed to uniting children across the world. 

One Voice uses music and other forms of creative expression to empower children, to cultivate integrity, compassion, responsibility, empathy and trust.

One Voice inspires and teaches children to serve. 

I found the song, You Are Beautiful, on the website and download it. The dollar I spent will go back into the schools and communities that the One Voice Team is visiting this year: India, Nicaragua, Liberia. 

It gets better. 

I knew I wanted to share this song with all of you. So I sent an email through the contact form on the website, asking for permission. I got a reply, saying yes, you can absolutely share the song.

I quickly realized the person on the other end of the email was Robbie Schaefer, the Founder and Executive Director of One Voice AND the creator of the song, You Are Beautiful. 

This resulted in an amazing Skype interview, which I will share next week. In the meantime, take a moment to listen to the song. Your day will be better for it. (If you are reading via email or in a feed reader, click over to my site to listen)

And if you love this song as much as I do and want to support the You Are Beautiful campaign, you can visit the website to learn more.

Here is the link to download the song for $0.99. 

Who's going to change this world for the better? You just might.


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