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"When you give, you begin to live. When you love, you become love."

When I first heard those powerful words on the radio, I had no idea what would come of it. All I know is the song moved me so much that I had to figure out: who wrote this? who sings this? how can I get it? 

I had no idea that my simple curiosity would result in Skyping with the artist who created this beautiful song, which is appropriately named: You are Beautiful.

You can listen to the song here. And you can download it for $0.99 here.

The artist is Robbie Schaefer, the former music director of Kids Place Live on Sirius XM. Robbie is also the Founder and Executive Director of One Voice, a non profit organization dedicated to helping children around the globe tap into their own creative power, and to use that power to serve and change the world.

I have to admit, during our conversation I might have gushed a teensy bit. I was starstruck (he wrote the song! and he might have sang a line of it during our call), but also, I was overwhelmed in a good way. The more I talked to Robbie, I more I felt like this whole thing was meant to happen. 

We talked about how the words from his grandmother—You're an artist—changed everything for him. 

We talked about how he reached a crossroads in this career, and how he finally listened to that nagging voice that said, "Serve." 

And we talked about dreams—how it's important to have them—but how it's equally important to put them into action in the world. "That's what we're here for," he says. 

I'm so glad I get to share my conversation with Robbie Schaefer with all of you. You can watch it now or download it on Vimeo

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