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Having "Lemongrass Hope", and the power of choosing "now".

The last time I cried through the ending of a book was when I read Kelly Corrigan’s memoir, Glitter and Glue. 

That is until recently, as I immersed myself in the final scenes of Amy Impellizzeri’s debut novel, Lemongrass Hope. 


As soon as I flipped the page to begin Part 3, tears. The kind of tears that surface from the swelling in your chest. You know that feeling. When the author has hit on something so deep and universal, you have to look away from the page for a moment to breathe and collect yourself. Or is that just me?

Lemongrass Hope is about love, and loss.

And time travel. 

And how making the choice between living in the past, and living in the now, can make all the difference. 

And, it’s about Hope. And how having hope can make all the difference, too. 

 Amy Impellizzeri and her debut novel,  Lemongrass Hope .

Amy Impellizzeri and her debut novel, Lemongrass Hope.

 Amy holding Kelly Corrigan's  Glitter and Glue , and Kelly holding Amy's  Lemongrass Hope . OMG.

Amy holding Kelly Corrigan's Glitter and Glue, and Kelly holding Amy's Lemongrass Hope. OMG.

When Amy sent me the advance reader copy of her book, I had to know: How did you do it? Finish your novel? And, get it published

Here’s what she said:

“The novel idea (and the title, Lemongrass Hope) overtook me when I first left corporate law in 2009-2010.  I had always written non-fiction so I just wasn't sure.  But. I worked on it off and on for 2 years and every time I'd come back to it, I just knew there was something there.  Even when I wasn't actively writing, I was living with it always.  Finally last year, I committed to finishing it.  Up all night.  Writing in my car.  In the coffee drive-thru line.  I just kept at it and after I finished the manuscript, I worked with a wonderful editor, Caroline Leavitt, (Pictures of You).  The manuscript made the rounds, ended up in several "right" hands, and here we are.  I really can't believe it but I am so proud and excited about it.”

If you know me personally, or have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that Amy's response inspired the heck out of me. Which is why I couldn’t wait to read Lemongrass Hope, and interview Amy for my blog. 

In the clip below, I ask her how she came up with idea for the story. And, I confess my own emotional response. Do other people cry? Do other people think about the book in the shower?

In the next part, we talk about the universal question in the book: If you could go back and live something all over again, what would you do differently? If given the choice, would you really make a different choice?

Here we talk about how part one of the book is in third person, and parts two and three are written in first person. When you read the book, you'll understand why it worked:

And finally, for all of you aspiring authors out there, here's how a novel grows from an idea... to done:

Lemongrass Hope is available now on Amazon. On October 8, you can get it from online bookseller's everywhere. 

Visit Amy Impellizzeri on the web at and on Facebook.

Update: Congratulations Jan! You won a signed copy of Lemongrass Hope AND a Lemongrass Hope candle—hand poured with real Marula oil, straight from the story. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest by leaving a comment. I chose the winner using


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