When things get crazy: Just don't do it.

I met a woman recently who told me that she heard me speak years ago. And now, when she starts to get overloaded, she scratches about 20 things off her to-do list. 

Neither one of us could remember exactly when I gave that talk, the one that inspired her to non-action in times of stress. But in that moment, I asked myself, am I walking my talk? Do I remember to take my own advice?

When things get too crazy, just don't do it. (Tweet that!)

You don't have to do it. 

You don't have to do all of it. 

Yesterday, I felt myself rushing around, feeling stressed. The kids will get out of school on Friday. Family is coming this weekend. Friday feels like a deadline.

I'm great at working deadlines. But yesterday, I felt like a holiday cliche. Stuck in traffic and grouchy.


I didn't intend for this to happen. I never intend for this to happen. I have to remind myself that getting overloaded doesn't mean I'm doing life wrong. We're not doing life wrong. There are always a million things coming at us all the time. Things we feel like we should do, things people ask us to do, things we need to do, things we want to do, things we do out of habit. 

Each day, each moment, we have a chance to reset the filter. 

So yesterday, when the kids got home from school, I told them to put on their pajamas. They thought that was great. They played upstairs for a while, then we worked on homework, and later there was a moment of temporary but relaxing snuggling on the couch.

The downtime gave me fuel to wake up today and get moving and not curl up in a ball on the floor. 

The first thing I did was reschedule some things, and delete some things. Honestly? I felt a bit disappointed. There were a lot of "I want to-dos" on the list. Just because a to-do becomes a "not right now"or "not ever" doesn't mean it doesn't hold some level of importance or meaning. That brings me comfort, that I'm overloaded with good things. It lets me shift to a place of gratitude and make choices out of love, not obligation or desperation. 

Wow. I just blew my own mind. I need to re-read that and let that thought sit for a while. 

What about you? As the year draws to a close, what will you do and not do? How will you make time to be?


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Gifts that inspire

On Black Friday I found myself in a online "good vibe" wonderland. And even though some of the really great deals and sales are gone, I thought I'd share a few goodies I found, in case you're looking for gift ideas for someone you love. Or for yourself. Because you know I totally bought some of these things for myself.

First, a couple of disclosures: I realized after writing this post that every single gift has words on it. Which makes sense I guess, because I'm a word girl. Also, I'm not an affiliate of any of these online shops. I like, I share. That's what I do. 

So, these are a few of my favorite things: 

I discovered Jenna Sue Design Company when my friend sent me a map of Charleston as a gift. 

The print looks great in this white matted frame. My friend actually has four of these maps (every city she and her husband have lived together). 

I love all of Jenna Sue's custom art prints, especially the quotes. This one's my favorite. With any print, you can choose from beautiful colors and even select a portrait or landscape orientation.

If you like the "erased chalk board look", check out Red Letter Words. I love the "She Knew" collection, especially this one. 

Bring the girl some coffee! And make it two! I love these Mr. and Mrs. mugs from Lindsay Letters. (Note: You must order from this site by December 10 to get it processed before Christmas.)

I couldn't resist this Holiday Cheer 8x10 art print set from A Beautiful Mess. They arrived yesterday, and I wish I could keep them up all year round. You can get the whole set, or buy them individually from their shop. 

A Beautiful Mess also has some cute planners for 2015. There's a post on their blog to explain what you'll find inside.

Speaking of day planners, I discovered Angelina Trinidad's "Passion Planner" when a friend shared her Kickstarter campaign on Facebook. The video is so inspiring, and it's no wonder her project was fully funded by supportive backers. You can learn more about and order the Passion Planner here. (Note: These planners won't arrive until January... but still worth a look and the wait.)

Danielle Laporte's 2015 Desire Map Day Planners are also pretty great. And, if you love her daily online #Truthbombs, now you can hold them in your hands. Check out the #Truthbomb Card Deck.

So, that's all I have for now. I still have a bunch more shopping to do. And wrapping. I'm always, always wrapping on Christmas Eve and each year, I say I'll never do it again. 

What about you? Have you found any interesting/fun/meaningful gifts you'd like to share? Let us know!


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