What home looks like (to you & me)

In my video message last week, I asked readers to complete this sentence: I feel most at home in my life when... 

My question came after months of thinking about the direction of the blog, the themes and topics I feel most connected to, and how those themes and topics intersect with what's important to you. As I did this behind-the-scenes work, the concept of home kept popping up, followed by the realization that home is our physical space, AND it's a state of being. Home is a mind, body, spirit thing. Home is a lifestyle.

This "aha" led to a redesign of the AngieMizzell.com "home" page, and a refined mission: inspiring you to create a life that feels like home. I also gave my previously nameless blog its own identity: Heart • Soul • Home because it felt like the right time.

In response to this change, I received many encouraging comments and messages from readers. I love what Mandy wrote: I think that's what 40 is, reflection, contemplation, followed by LET'S DO THIS!


Another lovely woman, Karen, wrote, "I'm spending the weekend with my most precious girlfriends and we all agree that friendships like this is our Home." She even sent photographic evidence:

This made my heart sing. 

So back to the question I asked in my last post. Here's what you said:

I feel most at home when...

...I put blinkers on regarding trends and popular opinion and follow my intuition

...when my wife and I are just totally relaxing around the house either watching a little TV or catching up on our reading. No special activity, just hanging out with one another.

...I am working, multitasking all the little details required, and then pulling it all off successfully. Most importantly, I am home when I’m surrounded by all my children and my husband and we are embracing the moments.

...I am interacting with someone I love dearly no matter where we are at, even if we are not physically in the same spot.

...I have a comfortable balance of doing the things I love...time with my family, time to write and play music, time to just be at home.

...there is peace and quiet.

...I first wake up and the house is quiet, and I can think, pray, and talk to God about what’s on my mind. I love getting up and having that first cup of coffee and hearing the birds.

...I can pull my legs up underneath myself when I’m on the couch (home can be felt outside of my own four walls) and when there is space given for true listening.

...I am following my inner guide, spending time with the activities and people that bring me joy, and feel like I have a good balance between work and play, togetherness and alone time, doing and being.

...I feel that I am understood and accepted by those around me.

...I’m having a good laugh. Something about laughing overrides all my insecurities and anxieties. For me, home represents a place of authenticity and total acceptance.

...I’m surrounded by my family

...I’m in any space I have made my own through small decorative touches — things that move me aesthetically or evoke memories. A clean, warm, beautiful space (and a having a view of trees really, really helps) embraces and nourishes my heart, my soul, my mind. Others (family, friends) nourish and brighten, but the Self has to feel comfortable first in order to fully appreciate those others.


I feel most at home when....my home feels like your home.

Do these glimpses of home resonate with you? Do they give you ideas about how you can create a greater sense of home in your life? If so, let us know! 

Listening to: Home by Phillip Phillips.

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